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I will include many development sets. A database such as this will take a long time to do for all the cities (especially since I'm an NYC guy, so I'm still learning about all of these). Numerous sets, and then once the sets are done, individual posts for new projects. But... to others, feel free to add in. Will do all the cities in the first post via sets. But sometimes, individual posts for newer projects. The sets are just to consolidate many projects into one post. Like a reference, all of the sources will be available at the bottom, under "===".

What I will do with the sets:

A) After each set is finished, there will be a link to that individual post only under the 1st post (directory). This way, its easy to see many projects. All of which could be done from the first post. Hence the "encyclopedia" style of the thread. Think of it as a table of contents.

Example Link:


Click the link to see what I mean. This will be in the first post keeping true to a table contents.

Feel free to add a set if anybody likes (or even a post for a new project; example being urbanizers posts: includes title, rendering, short info, source, and it stays true to the format). I'll try my best to avoid duplicates like I do with the mid/low and high NYC threads.

- Chris E.

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