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Financial Harbour:

Adjacent to Bahrain Bay is the $1.3 billion Bahrain Financial Harbour (BFH). Built on reclaimed land, the first phase of this
integrated financial community (the Financial Centre) is now 75% complete. The Financial Centre will be the focus of all monetary activities

within the development. This phase of the project incorporates the Dual Towers, the Financial Mall and the Harbour House.
Scheduled for overall completion in 2010, the BFH project will spread over 380,000m² of reclaimed land designed for commercial,
residential and leisure purposes.

Near to BFH and Bahrain Bay is the 240m twin tower Bahrain World Trade Center (WTC), which is currently in the fit-out stage.

Designed by Atkins, the structure incorporates three 29m diameter horizontal axis turbines mounted between the WTC’s triangular-shaped towers.
These will be used to harness the wind energy from the Gulf, and are predicted to provide the building with up to 15% of its power demands.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is in the midst of a construction boom that shows no sign of letting up. With mega projects ranging from commercial,
leisure, tourism and residential developments through to infrastructure and airport expansion,
it’s no wonder that the region’s contractors are sizing up Bahrain as the latest boom town.
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