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This is interesting (from the DRCOG stuff):

SH 93.
- SH 93 traffic (north of 64th Avenue Parkway) will generally flow at 23,000+ trips per day in 2015 without the project. The 2035 No Build continues with this trend at 24,000 to 30,000 trips per day.
- The SH 128 intersection with SH 93 will operate at LOS D in 2015 and worsening to LOS E by 2035 without the project. With implementation of the project, LOS B occurs in 2015, but by 2035 LOS F will occur at SH 128 and SH 93.
- SH 72 and SH 93 will operate at LOS E and F regardless of the project.
- Further to the south, LOS at SH 93 is not influenced by the Parkway to the extent that LOS F is anticipated at SH 58 and US 6 locations by 2015 with or without the project.

Nothing like a highway that either increases or has no effect on congestion. . Fascinating read.

Like I said, this road generally doesn't bother me all that much. Sucks for Golden, I agree... but... eh. I do think there should be some shared responsibility for funding future improvements south of 64th. Either way, though, I won't be investing in it. Seems like a risky proposition.
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