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Just thought it would be interesting to see how the larger municipalities stack up outside of the Avalon Peninsula. So, starting in the east and heading west:

Clarenville: 6,036 up from 5,274 (14.4%)
Gander: 11,054 up from 9,951 (11.1%)
Grand Falls-Windsor: 13,725 up from 13,558 (1.2%)
Corner Brook: 19,886 down from 20,083 (-1.0%)
Stephenville: 6,719 up from 6,588 (2.0%)
Happy Valley-Goose Bay: 7,552 down from 7,572 (-0.3%)
Labrador City: 7,367 up from 7,240 (1.8%)

Corner Brook: 27,202 even with 27,194 (0.0%)
Grand-Falls Windsor: Same as Municipal.

Really suprised by Gander. I expected over 10,000 but in no way did I expect them to eclipse the 11 mark. Good showing to Grand Falls on the heels of their mill closure, coming in with a neat little increase. Corner Brook is down a shade, mostly I think due to cut backs at the mill there. They have had 2 machines shut down, which equates to about 200 jobs, over the past 4 years. Stephenville goes from 8th biggest decrease (in terms of percentage) in the country in 2006 to a 2% increase (Go us!), and how about Clarenville adding 800 and cracking the 6000?

Disappointed by the Labrador West numbers though. I guess not many people are considering themselves permanent residents of the communities, but rather of their hometowns on the island or in Quebec. Regardless, there are definitely more than 7,300 people in Lab City as evidenced by the housing crunch and such. - All statistics from Stats Canada, Census 2011.
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