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NYC Rick made a really good point about Salt Lake City, it has a large metro population but it is way to spread out. The trend is very slowly reversing and the nice, but medium sized downtown is starting to reach skyward a bit more all the time. The one benifit SLC has is that it has natural growth boundaries surrounding it (mountains, big ones) and as transportation costs, particulary gas continue to increase it will hopefully make people realize that slighlty more density isn't neccesarily a bad thing. One positive note on SLC proper is that in the 2011 population estimates show have it as the largest it has ever been, it has eclipesed its 1960 census number. The recent investment by Goldman Sacs in SLC, making SLC it's second largest US office after NY/NJ, has really helped to bring SLC up another notch. There is talk that many other investment banks may start making some moves to SLC, and us development and skyscraper geeks love when banks get in a pissing match and ego wars, because that often times means more and taller buildings. "Mine is bigger than yours"

Another forumer mentioned it and I agree 100%, I would love to see some of the rust belt cities make a come back. They are already built to accomodate twice the population they are today without creating new infrastructure, (updating would be needed) I lived in Cleveland for a few years for school, and had never visited it prior to moving there. It has such potential and such a rich past. It has facilities for the performing arts that most other cities across the country would love to have, and places like SLC are starting to build. Cleveland has such potential for future growth and repopulation, I do have to say approving a casino in downtown WILL NOT help Cleveland. I have never visited Detroit, but I would assume it has much of the same potential at Cleveland with repopulation and growth.

I to think Boise has some great potential and as was pointed out, would be a great link between SLC and the NW. Boise has a great vibe and a very engaging downtown. I hope as the city continues to grow that it can continue with that engagment, and grow larger without losing the charm that it has.
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