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Originally Posted by aquablue View Post
Most european cities have pedestrianized their cores and it is pleasant to enjoy them. I think the average person would enjoy it in NY if they had more car-free areas and I doubt most people would consider it "shoving it down their throats" once they have experienced it. Face it, people are resistant to change and they fear it.. however, they often don't know what they are missing. Having a few more pedestrian zones is not going to prevent the car people from accessing the city or destroy the big NY city feel, come on now! Large European and some Asian cities are very bustling and they strike a good balance between car and pedestrian. NY is need to be a bit more progressive and open to new ideas IMO. I suppose the die hard natives might resist change, but without change, NY will be eclipsed by more innovative cities in the future..
Closing off that much of Broadway would be a traffic nightmare, period. And this isn't Europe, you can't always drag people toward whatever is deemed at the moment to be "progressive". I think you are mistaken if you think suburbanites who work or party in Manhattan won't be seriously turned-off by this idea. I love every moment of being in my car, and I generally dislike public transportation.

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