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Originally Posted by SkyscrapersOfNewYork View Post
I like these designs,that supertall would be massive on the skyline. I personally love this building but it would be nice to see a recladding here.
I was looking at around and I saw the competition to redo this building. In my opinion, they all suck, really hard. Why is there a need to put plants on a building. Furthermore, what's the point of having produce grow on them. It's not like the building is going to supply the city with food. It seems to me architects are just using buzzwords like 'environment' to seem ahead of the pack and progressive. I'm sorry, you're not. How about use the money that 'would' be spent on "being environmentally sound" and use it to plant for forest or something. I assure you that the corporations inside those offices will do far more damage to the planet than brutalist architecture will ever do.
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