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Former Keg & Kraut Redevelopment Stalled:
Last year, the city sold the former Keg & Kraut Building in East Wheeling to a developer for $1 under the assumption that it would become a wood-fire pizza restaurant within 18 months. Now, the owner is asking for an indefinite extension to this, blaming East Wheeling's rough perception for the lack of progress. Mayor Elliott shot back at this by blaming them for getting involved if they weren't willing to take a risk to help improve the neighborhood. The developer has put in $80,000 of work so far, and if they show their plans for the property within two weeks, the city will consider an extension. This building is one of the last remaining historic buildings in this block - the block across the street was completely demolished to build a large soccer facility where dozens of Victorian-era buildings once stood. I really hope this project works - it's time for East Wheeling to live up to its potentials and not continue to be torn down. Currently, plans for the pizza restaurant have been replaced with a hip coffeshop called "Mugshots" that would sell lunch items and coffee - personally I think this would be best for the neighborhood.

Rendering of the Keg & Kraut Redevelopment:

Tiny House Neighborhood on Wheeling Island:
Wheeling Island has some heavily blighted areas that have been targeted by tiny house enthusiasts. This group led my Martin Wach hopes to set aside land for over one hundred 8.5 feet by 24 feet houses. The city is still undecided on the plan. Some NIMBY's say it will lower property values, but most studies show the opposite. The mayor is in full support of this as a way to bring development back to the island. There is also a new park coming to the island on the other side of the 10th Street bridge into Downtown.

One of the several tiny homes popping up on Wheeling Island:

New Brewery Coming to Center Market District:
Brew Keepers, a locally owned brewery in Center Market is ready to open up a sit down brewery/restaurant. They have decided to stay in the neighborhood and will be moving into the vacant 2247 Market Street. This will be the district's second brewery and will hopefully be a good addition to the city's most vibrant neighborhood and entertainment district.

The white and blue building is where the brewery will occupy:

A view of Center Market District:

That about concludes the news coming out of Wheeling. Meanwhile though, NIMBY's are still working hard to block the two way traffic conversion for Downtown roads. The mayor on the other hand is still fighting the good fight and trying to prove how it works in every other city and will help slow down traffic and make the pedestrian experience safer. Again, I love Mayor Elliott - he never seems to back down from his ideas and has been promoting smart urban planning principles even when no one else is.
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