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Originally Posted by photoLith View Post
Glad to see wheeling still getting some decent new stuff. I just hope most of the run down and or abandoned historic buildings can be restored. I just started working in stuebenville just up the river and it's the most disgusting hell hole town I've ever worked in. No development of any kind or restorations going on. Almost the entire downtown is abandoned and dotted with the occasional methhead or heroin addict ODing on the sidewalks. I don't think Stuebenville has any chance of any recovery. Wheeling however could come back. It's at the epicenter of all the gas drilling going on in the region.
Hey, I'm in Steubenville now too! But yeah, it's not great. There is a new coffee shop in Downtown (haven't been yet) that has some live music and stuff. Plus there's some nice festivals downtown now. But it's still a dump. I'd love to see you take some pics around Steubenville - it does have some good photo opportunities I think. I have a weird liking for the Ohio Valley though, probably since I grew up around there (in Toronto). There's some awesome historic buildings with so much potential, but sadly only Wheeling has done anything remotely good with them.
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