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You guys are fucking hilarious. We get handed a world class project, designed by a world renowned STAR and you guys have nothing but criticism. And from the same guys who defended the Stern proposal or otherwise advocate equally destructive projects. And then ON TOP of that we get posts that essentially say:

This Ma Yansong guy with over a decade of experience, a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Yale University, five publications, countless awards, dozens of globally recognized projects completed, and the founder + principal partner of one of the world's top firms doesn't really know what he's doing. He needs to rethink he design inspiration and do better to evoke the look of the sands dunes along the northern Indiana shore... because I know better how to design world-class museum.

Hilarious. Go back to complaining about buildings not being tall enough.

Whatever this building turns into, design-wise, will undoubtably be one the most important building built here in a long, long time.