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This is an absolute WIN. This is how you push the envelope without ripping it. It's "out there" enough to make us uncomfortable, but its scale is sized so that the discomfort isn't overwhelming.

This isn't Milwaukee or Indianapolis--it won't be visible for miles and miles or dominate the skyline or the major postcard views, we're talking 10 stories people. At this scale, being a little adventurous is warranted.

The responses I'm seeing here are typical of something different and challenging.. over time however, I think this can become an icon on its own.

As others have stated, the materials are going to be key. But just from the renderings, my eyes are drawn to it. I want to move closer, touch it, hell climb it even, and I definitely want to go inside. It has a "pull" to it like the bean but times ten.

For a building whose sole purpose is to pay tribute to imagination, the last thing I want to see is more straight lines. This is great and perfectly fitting.

Build it, refine it, but build it with this concept.

If I could add anything, I'd like to see some grass or vines or plants growing on the structure itself so that it appears more integrated into the landscape.