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Originally Posted by Tom Servo View Post

This isn't a project in Indiana; this is Illinois.

When MAD designs a world class project in Indianapolis, he can draw inspiration from the Dunes all he wants, but for a project here in Illinois, inspiration should be drawn locally. You don't fucking go out of state for inspiration on a project like this.

What's more, Ma explains his inspiration in the video posted on the project's website, rather in-depth too. He wants this building to be specific to Chicago and references the city at every level. So what the hell does something 50 miles away from our state's border have to do with the City of Chicago???
You must not have ever crossedthe state line then considering Indiana has angrand total of 45 miles of lakeshore making your 50 miles statement completely absurd especially considering the indiana dunes are closer to IL state line than Michigan. They are like 15 min across the border.

Who gives a shit about political boundaries anyhow. The dunes are the natural condition of the entire Southern quarter of the lake. Have you never been on the lakeshore path and seen the baby dunes that try to grow only to be continually mowed down by park district lawnmowers? Sounds like you might not be a real Chicagoan.

Originally Posted by ardecila View Post

Likewise, Studio Gang's grass-paved tailgate plaza is a neat idea, but tailgating for a fall/winter sport necessarily involves snow removal. I don't know how you make grasspave work with salt and plows.
Heating systems under the grass like they have at under the streets in Vail Colorado or in the field in the Packers stadium.

Originally Posted by Tom Servo View Post
I'm not a fan of Aqua beyond its superficial cool-ness. Any the comparison is not really congruent. You're comparing a low-end apartment and hotel development designed by a local architecture firm with a world class, extremely high profile museum designed by a world-renowned starchitect.

What's more, the conceptual form of Aqua was supposedly inspired by striation patterns in limestone, found all along the shores of the Great Lakes. NOT a landscape in Wisconsin. Beyond that, the design of the building itself was derived according to very specific site conditions. Period.

Again, the two projects are vastly dissimilar and share nothing in common.

My point was simple. Ma already described his design inspiration: the city, it's parks, and the connection between the two.
Man you are absurd tonight. Since when is Gang some kind ofnsmall town yokel architect? Last I checked she is pretty "world renowned" herself. Also who gives a shit how famous an architect is? If that's your measuring stick then Frank Ghery must be your god... Finally Aqua and this project have absolutely nothing in common except the fact that Gang is designing a huge chunk of this project....