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Originally Posted by giallo View Post
I'd love to head out that way one of these days.
It's a cool city. I just wished I wasn't so jet-lagged when I was there.

I have a few other thoughts. It was only 7 years ago that Guangzhou was still using those old-style electric buses that use power from wires running through the streets above. If they were there last January, I didn't see them. The taxis now have TVs in the back. I think the city as a whole has become wealthier.

I remember seeing modern skyscrapers back 7 years ago. I didn't think of them much then. In January, I saw even more skyscrapers, and I still didn't think of them much. While the city is richer in general, the people around the city are still generally the same. Despite large changes in the landscape, the people there will still live the same way albeit with some changes. Maybe it seems this way coming from my American eyes.

The other thing is that these skyscrapers keep going up, but they're boring in my eyes. There is nothing new or innovative about them, and they all look the same. They may line the streets that I walk, but I never notice them.

One more thing. I arrived there last January deep in the night, at around 2 or 3. The streets are bare and everything is generally closed. Only a couple of restaurants were open around my hotel, which was close to where my grandparents lived. It's a pretty dead city at night, but there are places open if you look hard enough and plenty of taxis operating.
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