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I lived in Guangzhou for 8 years, and often visit there. Overall i like Guangzhou better then Shen zhen, because when i go to Shen zhen i don't get any history, everything is new.

Overall, Guangzhou has the best dim sum in the world, "吃在广州“ lol, lots of great chines food.

Their subway system omg, compare to USA is so much better.

I used to live in Shamian Island for 8 years, if you go there, you have to go to White Swan Hotel and some photo also, on the week ends go to their Morning Tea Buffet at 3rd floor is all you can eat is around $100 Chinese $. Pretty Cheap, is also a 5 star hotel, great dim sum, used to go there every weekend.

As of the electric buses "102" now has Low Floor Cars so they are ADA. I think these electric buses are an great way to show the old Guangzhou.

I visit once an while, if you got anything i might be able to answer you.
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