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Originally Posted by jackofalltrades View Post
What are the cool trails similar to the Katy Trail in Dallas?

Houston - Buffalo Bayou? Memorial Park?

Austin - Boardwalk?

Atlanta - Boardwalk (not SW i know)

What else is compatible? I posted something like this in the Southeast thread and the Birmingham people didn't like it when I shut them down because nothing compares there, and I'm from there. They're (we're) very protective apparently.

Anyway, I just loved how the Katy Trail was so popular and social. You can walk/ride/run in a pretty urban and safe environment. I want to visit other cities and want to check out these types of things.
What are you looking for in a trail? We have endless mountain trails but you’d better do those in the morning before it gets warm. If you want mountains, deserts and long unobstructed views there’s are too many to list here, endless hiding and trails.

If you want something like “Katy trail” which I guess is basically a bike path with trees? Idk go up Central from Missourie north to when the trees stop, like 4 miles maybe? Less?

Or you can try Indian bend wash or the area around Tempe town lake

Mountain trail- echo canyon camelback:

North central ave:

Indian bend wash:

Tempe town lake:

Theee are also hundreds of miles of canals but I personally don’t know which ones are nice for walking, except for the one in Arcadia maybe

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