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This thread really asks 2 questions:

1) Should Canada prepare for destabilization after this election?

2) Should Canada prepare for the destabilization of the United States in the future, whether in the near or very distant future?

re 1: No. Not only is the alt-right relatively small and not only are the chances that they will take up arms very low, but the people who ardently support Trump don't have demographics on their side. Not just ethnic demographics, but age demographics. Trump's supporters are mainly old, and older people, men included, generally don't incite or participate in violent acts, especially if they're likely to be outnumbered.

Now, if Trump supporters were unemployed young men, and if the United States' age pyramid resembled a Middle Eastern or Sub-Saharan African country where there were far more people under 30 than over 50, I'd be a bit more scared.

re 2: It wouldn't hurt us to try to reduce our dependence on the US, even when our relationship is good, and even if the likelihood of the US unraveling is very slim.

For starters, we really should diversify who we export to, even though the US continues to be the world's biggest single market and one that is on (for now) good economic footing.
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