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But Rennie cautions against going the Toronto "star-citect" route.

"The ROM has Daniel Libeskind, the AGO has Frank Gehry," says Rennie.

"They're wonderful architects I guess, but we talk more about the architecture than the function inside the building. When you talk about the Four Seasons Opera House there, I don't hear people talking about the architect ahead of the word opera. Yet right now, when you talk about the ROM, you talk about Daniel Libeskind before you talk about the contents. And I don't know whether that's what we need. It's not Canadian to be begin with, to boast like that," he notes with a chuckle.

"The format of institutions having a star-citect is so over. Today institutions have the most brilliant sustainable green box, and the contents become more important than the box. That I think is the future model."

The only reason Rennie objects to a Starchitect is because the Starchitect wouldn't build yet another 500-condosabove-podium structure from which he makes his bread and butter, so he is no doubt pushing for a local developr (Cheng, Thom) and will persuade them to do the same-old-same-old, but ram a museum into the podium. Then he'll start the old "world-class" speech yet again...formulaic.
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