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^ i'd say the Dalai Lama Centre is in trouble. They announced it in 2006, said they were looking at some site in the Downtown Eastside, and that it will be completed in 2009.

i'd think they might've hit funding and/or site issues.

interesting stuff from the website:

Who will design the Dalai Lama Center?
An eminent architect will design the Center. Our choice of architects will not be based on their grandiose vision,
but on their outstanding sensitivity to Vancouver’s landscape and spirit. Most importantly, our architect will excel
at creating spaces that promote psychological and emotional comfort for all who come within the Center’s orbit.
Their artistry will create a structure that encourages visitors to connect meaningfully with each other. Our
architect will be attuned to the dual personality of the Center: on one hand, an energetic setting for animated
dialogue and interaction; on the other, a cloister-like oasis for contemplation.

How will people experience the Dalai Lama Center?
The Center will be experienced both actively and reflectively. A wide array of different-use spaces within the
building will promote engagement between individuals and groups, people and ideas, communities and spiritual

In Toronto, the multi-million-dollar addition to the Royal Ontario Museum (the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal) was
designed by Daniel Libeskind to enhance people’s contact with iconic objects. In contrast, the DLC will be
designed to generate direct interactive experiences between participants. And to push the potential for
serendipitous encounters.

The Center will have a low psychological threshold for entry. All it takes will be the purchase of a cappuccino at
its sidewalk café or a stroll into its light-bathed, free-admission gallery. The Center will be designed to warmly
welcome all who gather – or wander – into its premises. People from every walk of life and social strata will be
made to feel at ease. They will be encouraged to drop in, and linger, at all hours of the day.

What programs will the Center offer?
The Center is conceived as an open cultural bazaar, embraced by residents and visitors alike. It will have a
smorgasbord of compelling programs that offer sustenance to the mind and spirit.
The following are some examples:
Literary evenings: Local and international authors will give readings, followed by informal discussions in a
Dialogue Lounge. Renowned writers such as Pico Iyer, Doug Coupland, Malcolm Gladwell, or Anne Lamott may
be on hand for casual conversations.
Philosophers’ Café: Informal discussion groups will explore diverse ideas and issues in another Dialogue
Film and video screenings: Thought-provoking documentaries and other genres will be presented every night,
followed by moderated discussions.
Nobel Laureates lecture series: Nobel laureates will give public lectures and facilitate extended seminars. Our
current Board of Advisors includes five Nobel Peace laureates: HH the Dalai Lama, Shirin Ebadi, Desmond Tutu,
Mairead Maguire, and Jimmy Carter. Other possible invitees include Elie Wiesel, Oscar Arias Sanchez, Mikhail
Gorbachev, Steven Chu, and Daniel Kahneman.
Science and spirituality dialogues: Workshops by prominent researchers and spiritual leaders will explore the
intersection of science and spirituality. Faculty may include those at the forefront of positive psychology: Andrew
Weill, Deepak Chopra, Richard Davidson, Ed Diener, and Martin Seligman.
Contemplative programs: Contemplative practices foster wisdom and allow people to plug into our natural
capacity for compassion, forgiveness, and inspiration. These ways of knowing, and in particular, the cultivation of
empathy, are at the heart of moral development. Eminent teachers such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Pema Chodron,
Sharon Salzburg, Father Thomas Keating, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, and Jack Kornfield will be invited to
lead intensives and workshops.
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