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I've been following CFI at Bangerter. It was supposed to go down last summer, but they've been having trouble with getting a buyout from Les Schwab (part of the site) and Shag Rug La (entire bldg is being demolished right now).

It's a poor man's solution to a congested intersection. They figured a full freeway interchange would cost around $34 million or so (from what I remember hearing), but that the CFI can be done for a fraction of it.

I know, SLC Projects, it sounds counter-intuitive to have two lights instead of one, but it actually looks like it may work. The idea is that it gives you a longer left turn signal while nobody else has to wait for it.

I won't be sold on it until I drive on it, but I think it may have potential for other intersections like Univ Pkwy at State in Orem, and maybe all the Bangerter Hwy intersections.

Remember how goofy the SPUI exits on I-15 seemed when it first opened? Now, I can't imagine trying to use I-15 without 'em. I think CFI will be the same way.
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