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Originally Posted by eternallyme View Post
Given that those are 2014 data, housing now is probably 5-6 times more expensive in Toronto given the enormous price increases just in the last two years, while I doubt Moncton has increased much at all in that time. Really you have to have an enormous income (I'd say at least $250K or $300K) to comfortably afford Toronto or Vancouver these days...
Family friendly 3 bedroom units in both Vancouver and Toronto for less than 300k:

Yes, if you want a single family detached home walking distance to the downtown core in either Vancouver or Toronto, you will be paying for it. Otherwise, as long as your housing expectations match living in two of the largest more urban Canadian cities, you can easily afford both places.

I get that some people are die hard single family detached homes only types. If that is the case, and that is more important to you than location, career, prospects, upward mobility, and the litany of other things that these large urban centres can provide, by all means. Make that choice.
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