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Originally Posted by ssiguy View Post
Minimum wage jobs use to be the domain of strictly high school students but that is no longer the case. Even those high school students need higher wages to afford university/college tuition as their tuitions have grown MUCH faster than the rate of inflation and the rise in real wages over the last 30 years.

TFW are a cope-out for businesses that refuse to pay a living wage. If they can't afford the rates people are demanding to keep a roof over their head and food on the table then they have a poor business model and shouldn't start the business in the first place.

You can't refuse higher wages when unemployment is high but then refuse higher wages when jobs are aplenty. If you beleive in free enterprise as these associations always claim they do then they have to pay the going rate and if they can't it then they will go belly upjust like everyother business. They want government off their backs when they have lots of worker choices but demand the government come to their rescue when there are fewer workers. It's the height of hypocrisy. The problem is that Trudeau will cave in and bring in more TFW to appease them..............he said he wants to help the middle class but forgot to mention that it will be at the expense of the lower & working class.

Young people are constantly told they need to get higher education in today's job market, but it's spiralling costs force them into high debt. There's no reason service jobs couldn't provide a better wage, it's just another means of transferring money from the older or wealthier cohort to the younger.

Temporary Foreign Workers are just another way for corporate interests to screw the local workers over. I'm surprised geotag is so nonplussed about it, while at the same time he rails against China's trade tactics. TFW are just another side of the same problem. Free trade in labour is just as damaging to North American living standards as any other free trade.
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