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Originally Posted by whatnext View Post

Young people are constantly told they need to get higher education in today's job market, but it's spiralling costs force them into high debt. There's no reason service jobs couldn't provide a better wage, it's just another means of transferring money from the older or wealthier cohort to the younger.

Temporary Foreign Workers are just another way for corporate interests to screw the local workers over. I'm surprised geotag is so nonplussed about it, while at the same time he rails against China's trade tactics. TFW are just another side of the same problem. Free trade in labour is just as damaging to North American living standards as any other free trade.
I was just looking at a few service job ads here in the city... one listed a associate degree as a requirement for a entry level position in a clothing store. This isn't a problem for me obviously as I have a degree and am not applying for work, but it just struck me as quite
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