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Originally Posted by Stephenapolis View Post
Wow. SF might have a great skyline in a few years. (That is not a shot at SF either. I just am not a big fan of much of the skyline.)
That's a view that several people here have suggested, but I wonder what they are talking about. I find it difficult and bizarre to view the San Francisco "skyline" in parts, whether they constitute "much of" it or just bits of it. San Francisco does have a lot of uninspired architecture which got built because it came out of the Planning Dept. design review sausage grinder which has a goal of inoffensiveness, not inspiration. But the skyline taken as a whole is really quite dramatic and spectacular, punctuated as it is by Coit Tower, the pyramid and now One Rincon Hill. And the setting--the bay, the bridges and the hills--makes up for a lot of bad planning and resultant mediocre architecture as well as providing unequaled (anywhere!) vantage points for viewing the skyline. Taken not in parts but as a whole, we have a great skyline now which these buildings would make much better.