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Originally Posted by wwmiv View Post
There isn't the necessary space thru many sections for an entire line with double track. It'd require eminent domain that would destroy hundreds of homes between 183 and Manor Rd, which won't ever happen.

There are potential places in that stretch where you COULD double track without much problem (alongside Burnet MS & from Crestview St. to I-35), which would for all intents and purposes put the line in a position to operate as if it were entirely double tracked.
That makes sense. It would be too cost prohibitive in that case...and I've seen one situation in China where a subway line was elevated out in the "suburbs"...they had to squeeze between two buildings and actually put one track on top of the other for a couple of blocks before returning to side-by-side. One of the lines in Bangkok does the same thing to make a sharper turn. Other cities in China, they actually went right through buildings! Not that a single-family home would desire that. Imagine dodging a train on your way to the kitchen for your coffee in the morning.

Back to Plaza Saltillo....what is the timeline for the construction of actual buildings? I may have missed that.
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