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^^^ I don't know if it will be "cool" per se, but it certainly sounds like it would be a lot more interesting to me than it is now. Some of the concepts sound like they might make it a place worth visiting on occasion rather than it's current status of "avoid at all costs". The Chicago food experience could be amazing if they drew on the very talented array of local restaurants in the neighborhoods. Could you imagine guest appearances by everyone's favorite foodie joints? Maybe a Hot Dougs shows up again for a few months? Maybe Au Cheval is dishing out burgers?

I also think the alcohol thing being allowed now is a game changer. This could be one of the few parts of the city where you can wander around drinking outdoors as you wish. A permanent festival atmosphere and interesting local operators rather than chains would radically transform the experience. There's no reason the concept of a fun, outdoors, carnival can't be both touristy and appeal to locals. I think the fly over will also make it more interesting to locals as easing the tourist induced gridlock on the path will make the area less claustrophobic which is what I really think drives locals out. I always avoid Michigan Ave or Grant Park during Taste because it's so annoyingly crammed with gapers. I don't live in Chicago to be constantly rubbing against strangers, if I wanted that I'd be in New York.
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