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Jan 10
from across the river

Jan 14
Second crane going up - note the micro piles being installed - an afterthought ?

Split level foundation pad ?

It appears that the big - coupled - rebar is being used for the horizontal as well as the vertical - note the staggered endings (earthquake code ?).

extending upper upper Wacker

The attention to ascetic detail is impressive, use a crane with rounded weights when the backdrop is a curvy building.

Sort of a general construction question: Aside from the physical forces of gravity, and re-bar, is there a chemical reaction that fuses different 'pours' of concrete together?

Specifically in regards to the foundation columns that have been recently dug out. Clearly the caissons are cured (mostly), and although new rebar will be tied to the existing rebar, will there always be a joint, however minuscule, between the top of the old column pour, and bottom of the new column pour?
An excellent question
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