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Originally Posted by geotag277 View Post
I would rather characterise world wide geopolitical strategy since the end of World War 2 as being driven by a pragmatic choice of action which attempts to capture and realise the lesser of two evils.

In that sense, there are no "right" decisions, only decisions whose outcomes are "least bad".

Cutting off ties to Saudi Arabia, economic sanctions, refusing to sell them equipment. All of these things have potential consequences. In this case, if they didn't secure a contract with a London, ON company, do you think anything would change? Contracts are given to Lockheed for 10 times that amount.

It seems to betray an overly simplistic read of the situation. Cutting off these contracts as a country won't change anything on the ground, won't materially impact the situation as long as stronger more powerful countries like the USA remain allies. Warm fuzzies is not a pragmatic geopolitical strategy.
These are just more reason to get off oil all together. It drags the west into the politics of the unstable Mideast, it's extraction pollutes, and its use pollutes. Humankind needs to get past the fossil fuels era ASAP. I completely expect my next new car to be electric and would rather see government subsidies that currently go to oil and gas towards helping consumers replace ICE vehicles and to developing greener energy sources.