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Is that real? That can not be real. What is the green stuff? Are those plants?
It's real. They are climbing vines attached to cables - every couple floors there is a "shelf" extending from the face of the building with planters and connections for the cables.

Is this design finalized....a done deal? Or are there other possibilities/renderings of a totally different design?
There are other renderings, but to my knowledge this is the only design direction currently being pursued. I hope to be able to post the other views of the building soon. (they show the north & east elevations)

BTW - the green screen is not likely to be as thick as shown in this view. The design is still conceptual, and this rendering is meant to show the greenery at its fullest extent (with some artistic license). Most of the year the growth will be much less full, and in the winter will be practically non-existent so as to let as much daylight into the building as possible. And the green screen is only on the west side - there is one "panel" on the south elevation at the SW corner (highly oblique in this view), but that's it.

The rooftop is a giant PV array angled down to the south for solar collection. The underside of the roof visible in this view is a "space frame" truss system supporting the PV's above. The other views will illustrate this condition much more clearly.
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