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Sutton Place Conversion to Britt Condos

From the Toronto Skyscraper Blog

Another quick update on the Sutton Place Restoration Project. Looks like some of the exterior work is beginning, you can see the scaffolding is being installed on the corner and work looks to have begun a bit sooner, than even I expected, just weeks after the charity auction that sold off the interior fixtures of the hotel.

From my previous blog posting:

Conversion to the Britt Condos - Lanterra Developments

The Sutton Place Hotel in Toronto is set to become a condo once the charity auction of hotel is goods is complete. The plan not only includes the conversion of the existing hotel, but also adding additional 7 floors to the tower. This is a true one of a kind project, although, I will admit I did like the way the exisitng Sutton Place looks, there is no holding back progress and advancement. So be it! The sales process has begun, and I'm sure as with most condos in Toronto this will likely have a fairly quick circle from the sales to construction

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