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Check out the SkyTrain in Vancouver, Canada

Originally Posted by Lecom View Post
That's nice, but I rarely trust driverless metros... there needs to be some human factor in the machine. What if someone is stuck? What if there is an unforseen scenario? Dubai is building all these multibillion projects, and it's trying to save money on not hiring a subway driver for five bucks an hour?

Great project nevertheless. Dubai continues to kick ass.
Have you ever been on a driverless metro? SkyTrain in the Vancouver, Canada region has been running quickly, safely and efficiently since 1986, and has been massively expanded since (a new third line is being added south to the airport in time for the 2010 Olympics).

The system uses a train system built by Bombardier. In fact, the new Mark II cars and the stations and track construction of the recently completed second (Millenium) line and under-construction third line look very similar to those of the Dubai metro system, from what I can see from these pictures.

It's also the same technology in use in Kuala Lumpur, the Toronto suburb of Scarborough, and the JFK AirTrain in NYC.
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