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Originally Posted by Alpine View Post
I need some inspiration.

How would you restructure north Burnaby bus routes?
Here is my attempt at some inspired rerouting.
North Burnaby Bus Routes2 by mullux

  • 9:Extend the trolley wires first to Gilmore station and loop back on Henning/Dawson. (see red oval)
    Eventually extend the 9 to Brentwood station once the major construction in the area is done to create redundancy to turn around. Then sell the boundary loop lands.
  • 110:Stay on Moscrop till Boundary. Reroute terminus to Joyce station. (currently buses generally don't cross fare boundary. If they are removed with the current fare review this might be possible)
  • 123:Keep on Canada Way till boundary then along Grandview Hwy to Renfrew station. (Even I'm not sold on this reroute, but its an idea)
  • 129:Keep the Patterson/Gilmore/Hastings/Holdom segments the same. Included planned Holdom/Douglas Road overpass. (see pink oval) New alignment along Royal Oak. Possible looping option by continuing down Royal Oak to Rumble then back up Patterson to Patterson Station.
  • 130: No change.
  • 134:Stay on Parker and terminate at Kootenay Loop. Riders heading to Skytrain can still get there via the Burnaby Lake station stop, or the can take any of the north/south routes that go directly to stations.
  • 136:No real change. I worked in the long term road configuration below Lougheed Hwy. (see pick oval) The route should work much better once the Concord development is done.
  • 144:No real change. Except plan to rerouting along Greenwood and Bainbridge Ave long term before continuing up Duthie ave. (See green oval) This will provide service to new TOD in the area.
  • C2: Extend capital hill service to Brentwood station via Delta ave. C2 ridership has been on the decline plus this will fill for the 136 now rerouted to Kootenay loop.
  • New 1:Same routing in South Burnaby. Reroute to Burnaby lake station via Sprott overpass then up Kensinghton to Hastings terminating at Kootenay loop.
Comments welcome.
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