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Originally Posted by CoryB View Post
The cash never seems to stop flowing for RRC. After Patterson they are working on the Skill Trade building of some sort on their Notre Dame campus. They have also talked very little about their relatively new power to grant degrees. I suspect some more programs are in development on that front. It also seems that Notre Dame is going to focus more on the skill trades and the Exchange more on the office type of education. It is possible more programs will shift to the Exchange to backfill the Public Safety building. Perhaps if the new degree/programs falls through RRC could spin up some sort of vocational education high school program at the Notre Dame campus similar to the U of W Collegiate.
I know for a fact that RRC wants to centralize most of its non-trades programs in one place (Exchange District Campus). That programs like business, communications, and computer sciences which are currently already there. Right now they still have several business programs at NDC, and some of the instructors have classes at both, which is brutal.

They also will be starting to convert some of those programs, for sure Creative Arts, into degree programs, possibly next year. For these, first year would be like U1 at U of M with classes in lots of different study areas, years 2 and 3 would be what the programs were before, and year 4 would be IPP/Advanced Design/etc, depending on what your major is.
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