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Originally Posted by Urban recluse View Post
I am a proponent of the tiny house movement (not below 400 sq ft though), and this should be looked at regarding affordable housing.
Sorry for pulling the old quote, one thing that struck me recently on the whole tiny house thing is they are essential one long rolling list of building code violations. Lack of proper plumbing and HVAC would seem to be the start. I suspect insulation, windows and electrical are also not to code. It also wouldn't be surprising to learn that a typical tiny home violates fire safety codes as well. It would be interesting to see what the cost of a tiny home that actually complied with all current building codes actually was.


In terms of the latest proposal for the Kapyong site:

- gas station -- makes sense at the intersection of two major routes.
- condo complex + single family homes -- makes sense for the area.
- office space -- okay, not out of character for the area.
- big box stores -- in an area that is already overbuilt?
- mall -- they seen the struggles Outlet Collection is having securing tenants?
- casino -- province has made it pretty clear this is a complete non-starter.
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