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Originally Posted by PITairport View Post
It sure is.

Pittsburgh has reclaimed its river fronts, which is great. Part of that process involved designing these new structures to compliment the river. The river side of the Casino looks a lot better than this view, but the overall result is one sided, as it seems the architects forgot the building has 3 other sides. The result is a hideous building from most angles, which now blocks views of the beautiful West End bridge and a good chunk of Mt. Washington from the north side. They should have put at least part of the parking underground, and included a hotel tower.

The same thing with the convention center. Looks great from the river, but on the city side, its nothing but a huge white wall.

But the result is particularly bad from the western end of the north side because of the above view of the casino garage, that ugly garage they put at the northern Ft. Duquesne Bridge split, and the northern facade of Heinz Field, which looks like the back of a Walmart.

Approving low architectural standards for these brand new buildings on the north side is the worst thing since they decided to put the Allegheny Co prison at its current location.
Ugh, I could not agree more with that sentiment. I have heard that some kind of hotel is/was planned to complement the casino, but I thought that license is for a casino only; not a casino/hotel. I also don't understand why they couldn't have put the parking underground. It's not like there was anything else blocking it -- the extension of the T will be elevated, if it's ever extended beyond Allegheny Station. If this is due to some rediculous zoning law, then zoning should be re-worked so that future development can actually make sense and actually contribute to the "future" of the Golden Triangle. The way such regulations are, the future for some parts is not exactly what I'd call "golden..."

Regarding the back end of the Lawrence Convention Center, I guess they could have put a glass-enclosed atrium there. However, the street there (French Street) is pretty much an alley-way.

I agree wholeheartedly about the jail. Heck, I would have put the county jail on Brunots Island or even somewhere on Neville Island. The prison took up prime real estate for either a good office or residential building. Who ever heard of a high-rise prison, not to mention, one that did NOT look like a dungeon like the old county jail did...?

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