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Originally Posted by Johnland View Post sentiments exactly. "Reclaim" the riverfronts, but then throw them away again with God awful construction (casino garage). It's the total dumbing down of an urban scape. What kind of designer or architect in his right mind could look at that thing and think that's respectable. But then, the whole deal was bad economics, so why should one expect quality. Wasn't the State just looking for an easy way to fill a budget gap - by generating gambling 'revenue'.
Yep... Nobody cared if the project stuck out like a sore thumb or not. The casino itself isn't terrible, but that imposing garage rising behind it just looks really bad. As others as well as myself have said, it should have been built underground.

There's another parking garage just down the street from that, right in between the ramps for the Ft. Duquesne Bridge. At least that one has street-level retail and T access built into it.
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