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Unless the diagrams have different rules, that's not what the benchmark is here at all.

Originally Posted by M II A II R II K View Post
If a proposal starts construction but goes unnoticed by the moderation team, feel free to post in here to request it be moved.

Site preparation or merely just digging the foundation doesn't count as contruction starting, since digging a hole is just that, digging a hole. And plus any construction taking place within a foundation that pertains only to the excavation doesn't count either, since that's not construction for the actual building itself.

  • Foundation work includes the implementation of permanent foundation components such as the drilling of caissons, etc.
  • Top down construction involving piling doesn't require a foundation to have been dug for a building to be considered under construction.

A tall building is considered to be ‘under construction’ when site clearing has been completed and foundation / piling work has begun.
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