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Too complicated/expensive for now, but when we live in a city of 9 or 10 million people instead of 8, something will have to be done to address the congestion.

It would be truly awe inspiring if they could get a megabridge built on the Hudson in addition to the GWB, like the one that was planned for 57th street called North River Bridge.

The New York City that Never Was: Part II Bridges

by benjamin waldman

Gustav Lindenthal, the engineer who designed the Manhattan, Williamsburg, and Hell Gate Bridges, died without seeing his opus magnum realized. Lindenthal proposed building a bridge that would have spanned the Hudson River from 57th Street in New York City to Hoboken in New Jersey. The bridge was to be 6,000 feet long (nearly twice the length of the George Washington Bridge), 200 feet wide, and 200 feet above the river. It was designed to carry 12 railroads, 24 lanes of traffic, and 2 pedestrian promenades. The corner stone, part of an 8-foot tall block of concrete, was laid in 1895 in Hoboken and was the only part of the bridge to be built.

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