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Originally Posted by Obadno View Post
You'll probably get your wish, Billings is seeing massive growth. the city itself has increased by 6% in the last 5 years. and its metro is rapidly reaching 200k.

In general the mountain west cities are all the current "boom" towns and areas of rapid growth. Reno, Boise, Spokane, Denver, Phoenix, LAs Vegas, Salt Lake.

I see no reason to think this will slow down, the West coast was the former boom reign of the last century but now it is full and expensive. I think the interior is the next area to really develop.

It is near Oil reserves and on some major highways, I wouldn't be surprised to see it really take off in coming decades.
I absolutely agree with this. Especially being a native of Boise. It has been remarkable being able to see first-hand the growth of this city over my years. This is a completely "different" city my daughter is growing up in than the one I did.......if that makes sense. It has been fun to watch but, like everything, it has definitely come with a price.
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