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Originally Posted by Tosin007 View Post
I find this thread somewhat funny/ amusing, the US Population in general is downright enormous. (I do realize their are
some sparsely populated parts/ sections of the US), but that's relative to the US Context. In many, many Countries the World
over they'd kill for that population even as a Major City yet the US consider's many of these places to be small/ tiny xD.
Personally anything with a metro area of less than like ~900,000/ 1 million as a Town.

Anything less than 100,000 is a small town

anything less than 10,000 is wilderness

anything less than 1,000 is myth and doesn't actually exist

but on a more serious note, despite our large population, especially once you get west of the Mississippi there is an enormous amount of open land, that area represents 2/3 of our landmass with less than 1/3 of the population, and over half of that is on the California coastline. The entire western USA is basically large metros like Phoenix, Denver, Vegas separated by thousands of square miles (twice as many kilometers) of open wilderness with a smattering of tiny villages in between.

So yes, where I live has almost 5 million people Metro, but the next closest city Tucson with less than 1 million is 150 miles away (that is considered close)

ABQ with >1 million is about 6 hours of open wilderness away, LA about 5 hours, Vegas, 4 hours, Salt Lake 10 hours, Denver 12-14 hours, Hermosillo Mexico ? 10 hours. El Paso? 12 hours

and very little if anything in between. SO yeah there is a lot of wide open space and if you are in a city like Billings or Boise there is nothing resembling a large city for hours and hours in any direction.
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