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Originally Posted by Kumdogmillionaire View Post
I couldn't disagree with you more on this issue(in a respectable manner).

The removal of the top few floors of continuity kills the building's aesthetic entirely. The glass elevator is gaudy and doesn't even make a half-assed attempt at blending in with the building. Finally, what my tacky comment was for the stupid little amusement park ride on top, which is objectively tacky
I won't argue the amusement park ride on the top, though I would probably actually ride it once just for the experience.

Not exactly sure how in the world you actually COULD make an attempt at blending in an exterior glass elevator in with a building like Aon. Honestly, the monolithic appearance of it kind of makes it impossible to make anything blend in, so the best you can really do is make it relatively unobtrusive overall.

As for the top couple of floors of stone removal, well, that's entirely a personal aesthetics thing. I understand that it causes the pure monolithic form to be altered, no doubt about it. I personally think that is actually a benefit rather than a harm in this particular situation, but that's just me. At least being the top few floors it's only a small section being altered, so to me it's less of an overall issue. Again though, I understand why people disagree with me on that one, of course.

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