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Originally Posted by prairieguy View Post
The following was posted by "Echoes" on the Saskatoon construction thread:

"Kay Nasser was on the Brent Loucks show on CKOM this morning. He says that the project is still moving ahead as planned, but the architectural design and drawings have taken longer than anticipated. He expects that the drawings will be submitted to the City in the next 2-4 weeks for a development permit, and groundbreaking is still expected this summer.

The project will take 3-5 years for full build out."

I am going to take this as good news. I don't think Nasser would be speaking publicly and giving timelines if this was not still moving forward. Looking forward to 'new' design being unveiled in a month and ground breaking this summer. Just disappointed about the full 'build out' potentially taking up to 5 years. To me, this leaves the loop hole to not fully commit to this and provide further delays. Would have liked to have seen this all built at once....
Prairieguy, I agree with you that the build out time is unfortunate. But, I believe the fact that they're proposing to construct the project in phases has made financing more attainable, which makes this mega project more realistic. One of the downfalls of Lake Placid's vision, I think, besides the credit crisis that hit hard at that time, was the fact they were trying to do this incredibly large project all in one shot.

With Nasser behind the reins we'll get there... in time.
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