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Originally Posted by buzzg View Post
So back in the fall when the Academy streetscaping started we discussed how the decorative columns at the east entry (around Oak) were so big a wheelchair couldn't fit by... they already have been taken down. It's just weird that was even approved in the first place. But it's taking them a painstakingly long time to finish that work. Can't believe there still isn't even banners up on the posts... although SOME of them are now lit up.

Also, has anyone been able to see the Osborne Streetscaping plans? Lots of new red bike racks going up, but not much else other than new concrete. It's so dreary around there right now, I hope the new digs are vibrant and eye-catching, not just more black poles.
I see the "metal trees" are back-up in St.James Biz area, not lit up yet though. If they're LED they might look ok
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