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Originally Posted by Chinook Arch View Post
There's a difference between cars and busses in case you haven't noticed. Busses also have the advantage of being able to use any street and change routes dynamically.
People that think rail transit is the only way to go, need to get their head out of the clouds.
I'll quote myself:

Originally Posted by milomilo View Post
What would autonomous buses do that buses on Centre St can't do right now? Other than operate more cheaply? That is a big benefit, but capacity, speed, reliability will remain the same.
I think you need to get your head out the clouds, autonomous vehicles are not a panacea. We already have buses on Centre St, they're insufficient and that's why we're building the Green Line. Automating those buses will offer very little improvement on the situation, whereas rail will give big upgrades of capacity, speed and reliability.
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