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Originally Posted by accord1999 View Post
And yet the section of the Green Line route where bus capacity is a major issue isn't even going to get built in the first phase, nor has the city definitely stated that the second phase will be that section and there's no funding for it.
We've been down this strawman ...

Maintenance facility was the big issue. Regarding funding for the second phase, yeah not locked in yet, but that is not abnormal at all.

As a touchstone, someone may be considering purchasing a home with a 15 year mortgage. Do you say that you will not buy if you cannot guarantee you have a job in five years? No, you go ahead and purchase, with the understanding that prospects are reasonable for five years down even if not guaranteed.

These are potentially multi-decade projects, and no, we do not know where the funds will come from for X years down when phase two starts, but that is okay.
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