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Originally Posted by You Need A Thneed View Post
How is it not being used by the green line as it stands today? The green line being planned has every bit as much capacity as the existing lines do - likely even more, since the 7th Ave portion is the bottleneck on the current lines - but there is no such bottleneck proposed for the green line.
I'm referring to the Green Line that is funded. It may have the capacity, but it's not being to used to great effect because Calgary Transit will still need to run the same 80+ buses/hour during peak hours down Centre Street. The same section of road always highlighted by the city as most in need of LRT capacity because it can't fit many more buses on it.

Sure, some people may be optimistic that the city will be able to get things in place to build the Centre Street section concurrently and have it ready by 2029, but I have to think that a lot of things have to go perfectly for that happen, including the city finding another $2-$3B, phase 1 staying on budget, Gondek getting the council to commit to the North ahead of Seton, and the city not seeing the issues the at-grade alignment has that this board has pointed out and then going back to the drawing board.

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