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Originally Posted by Busy Bee View Post
Agreed. As for the prelim schematic showing a possible heavy rail allignment, I must say I wish they would plan and build ahead of time a subterranean station in the lowest level,of the terminal and a future connection could tunnel under the GC and be completely climate controlled. Who wants to arrive at LGA in the winter with their fine luggage and stand at a windswept elevated platform? All that should be inside the terminal itself and that has to be planned for NOW.
Building a subway would be extremely expensive and would come with many technical challenges including the fact that LGA sits on the water with a very shallow water table. During Sandy there was a foot of standing water covering the airport. Imagine what that would do to a subway.

An elevated light rail like the AirTrain is the ideal solution. I'd imagine even if the platform was disconnected from the terminal building, they would employ platform screen doors - glass walls - to keep the platform insulated and climate controlled.
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