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Is it just me, or did this tower turn of to be fucking excellent?
Everything but the antenna or "spire" is pretty great. It only looks good at night.

Originally Posted by Guiltyspark View Post
It's alright. It's deeply flawed.
While I think that it'll be cool to see this whole complex completed I can't help but also agree with this statement because it could have just been so much better. Considering the enormous amount of development going on in NY now I think it makes up for the *relatively* mediocre buildings of the new WTC.

Now granted we still have to be grateful because most places on the planet, even most global megacities don't have a 400+ meter building with three other supertalls/almost supertalls by its side. The best part is that the WTC won't even dominate NY that much it'll just be one of the supertall clusters

I am upset about how 2WTC turned out though, although I think it looks better at 1,270 feet and has grown on me from the south side, although the side facing midtown still looks atrocious.
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