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Originally Posted by Acajack View Post
I don't know if baseball is dead in Canada overall but in Quebec (where I live) and Montreal (which is two hours away), I almost never hear people talking Major League Baseball.

At barbecues, over the water cooler, on public transit, etc. Never.

I am in the prime MLB demographic and none of my friends follow baseball. They follow hockey, soccer, Formula 1, NFL/CFL, tennis, Tour de France, etc., but not MLB.
Your friends follow Tour de France? (giggles to self)

I don't know about Montreal but baseball is a solid 3rd place in Canada based on ratings and such after hockey and football. The Jays are much more popular nationwide than the Raptors, though my generation (I'm 16) probably follows basketball more than baseball, though hockey and football are also king for us teens from my experience
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