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As has been mentioned a downtown stadium would make this team viable... I remember when Serge Savard was trying to put a group together to build one downtown, when that fell through it was the beginning of the end.... I pretty much lost interest in baseball after that, the team was a lame duck franchise.... that team was so close soo many times, I loved that team... if someone would build that downtown stadium where you could attract the business crowd to afternoon games that team would be a success imo....
You've summed it up well. I was a huge fan (of baseball in general and the Expos in particular) until the lockout. After following the team for 25+ years and seeing them finally hit the top.. on to the World Serious against the Yanks!!!!.. only to watch the dream fizzle over a dispute between the millionaires and the billionaires... it was too much. To have to wait another 25 years (if ever) for the team to reach that point.. most people in Montréal couldn't do it and felt cheated. I don't blame them for deserting the team.

MLB would have to come up with a revenue sharing plan that would give all teams a reasonable shot at winning it all. They would have to institute a video replay that would eliminate the controversy over missed calls. Montréal would have to build a baseball-specific stadium, downtown (35, 40 thousand in Griffintown) with good transit access, and they'd have to be called the EXPOS again!

I'm a baseball fan but I'm not an MLB fan. Unless they clean up their act, I won't be interested in another Montréal team.
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