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Originally Posted by Acajack View Post
I won't dispute that the Argos are low on the radar (hence their exclusion from the list) but I think there is a bit of selection bias re: TFC on here. They're every bit as much of a niche market as the Argos are. Only a different niche - albeit one that might be more present in the SSP Canada demographic.

I am almost positive that the NFL, which does not have a team in Toronto or Canada, has more eyeballs paying attention to it in the GTA than TFC-MLS do.
I have to disagree. This may have been true upto last year, but there was a significant widening of the gap in 2016 which looks likely to be even more significant in 2017 if attendance growth, on-field quality and overall buzz ammong the general public is anything to go by. In terms of interest in Toronto, not only has TFC got the fastest growing fanbase, I would place its current position in the city's consciousness as:

Blue Jays
Toronto Rock

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